As soon as Kevin Gagnon tried the Radice bottling of Lambrusco di Sorbara made by the biodynamic producer Paltrinieri, he knew it would be the perfect pairing for Germany’s beloved Currywurst. The sausage is not diet-friendly, being pork and fried in oil (after being steamed). But the high fat is made more complicated (for pairing purposes) by a moderately hot (spicy) and fruity ketchup sauce – sometimes the sausage itself is also spiced.
Lambrusco di Sorbara offers a healthy amount of acidity to cut through that fat, with a refined – yet pronounced – slightly leafy fruit (rhubarb and strawberry) to complement that sauce, while generally remaining dry. The refreshing nature of the wine is enhanced by the sparkling nature, and this is exactly what one needs for Currywurst. Who needs beer when you have Lambrusco?

It was a dry-farmed, old-vine Calatayud Garnacha that brought Kevin Gagnon to wine, and he’s never looked back. A trained – and active – classical singer, he spends an obscene amount of time and energy following native grapes from the old world, specialising in small producers working with local varieties with low intervention and in poorly-known areas. And he’ll tell you all about what he’s discovered, if you’ll let him. Kevin a certified DiplWSET, Weinakademiker, VIA Italian Wine Ambassador, and Calpolicella Wine Specialist. Follow him on Instagram, Facebook or on his blog, Snarky Wine.