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It offers a concise yet comprehensive cultural and scientific introduction to Italian wine and its hundreds of native grapes
It analyzes over 430 Italian native grape varieties in accessible and easy-to-read entries
In addition to the grape entries, it features color-coded grape variety flash cards, that make for a useful teaching and learning tool.
It provides an extensive visual apparatus that will enable readers to get a better grasp on Italian grape varieties: grape varieties flash cards and mind maps, photographs of grape bunches, maps of Italian wine appellations
It will help readers prepare for the entry-level course “Italian Wine Maestro”

What you will find inside the e-book


The e-book in numbers


Italian Native Grapes

Italian grape variety entries subdivided in Must-know, Lesser-known, and Rare


Essays, grape variety entries, photographs, mind maps, appellation maps and more!

Who Did The Job

General Editor a.k.a. Chief Wild Water Buffalo Stevie Kim Scientific Director a.k.a. Inspirational Guru Ian D’Agata Italian Wine Maestro Witty Content Geralyn Brostrom Lingzi He Michaela Morris Erudite Cultural and Other Grapey Content Michele Longo Outstanding mind maps JC Viens Enticing preface Monty Waldin

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