• The world of Italian wine in a nutshell! How brilliant, educative and entertaining! Great job!
    Dr. Joseph Schuller
    Master of Wine and director of the Austrian Wine Academy
  • Italian Wine Unplugged is the most enjoyable way to learn about wine aside from actually drinking it. Stevie Kim, grande dame of all things vino, has crafted the ultimate comprehensive and easy-to-use guide on Italian wine.
    Joe Bastianich
    Restaurateur, wine and food writer, TV personality
  • Italian Wine Unplugged is needed now more than ever. Italy, as a wine producing country, has rediscovered its roots from Valle d’Aosta to Puglia and this book helps break it all down. If you want to be in the know, Italian Wine Unplugged will get you started.

    Jeff Porter
    Beverage Director for Batali & Bastianich Hospitality Group
  • The history of Italian vineyards and its native grapes is one, if not THE most diverse in our global wine community. The greatness of this country and its wines is made up by the huge complexity of the different appellations and the immense number of indigenous varieties. With "Italian Wine Unplugged," true experts of this wine country offer their vast experience to help wine aficionados as well as professionals understand the sheer grandeur and depth of Italian wine. A must-have for Italian wine lovers!

    Andreas Wickhoff
    Master of Wine and General Manager at Weingut Bründlmayer
  • The corollary of the return in force of the diversity in Italian native grapes is the learning of these varieties. All these grape varieties, we will have to tame them, understand them, love them, make others love them. A huge e-book for this task!

    Bernard Burtschy
    Wine expert and author at Le Figaro Vin
  • Italian Wines Unplugged not only compiles a great amount of the most up-to-date information about Italian grape varieties and appellations in one place but it also provides the student of Italian wine useful tools such as a flash cards, mind maps, and photos to help make the information stick! It is as visually compelling as it is comprehensive.

    Henry Davar
    Wine Educator and Business Development Manager at Breakthru Beverage Nevada
  • Amazingly in-depth Italian wine information displayed simply and elegantly.

    Madeline Puckette
    Co-founder Wine Folly
  • Italian wines have always been the Achilles heel for many wine professionals --- myself included.  Here comes a fantastic tool to help to solve that program: Italian Wine Unplugged.  Highly recommended as a study guide, as a reference book, as something must-have for all Italian wine lovers.

    Yang Lu
    First MS in China & Corporate Director of Wine at Shangri-La International Hotel Management Group
  • I see Italian Wine Unplugged as the post-modern companion to your journey into Italian wines. You can either use it as a reference book for your learning programme or just decide your own exploration path and have the book as your illuminating background. Systematic and sound, but using a friendly language, approachable for all wine lovers. It is a lovely entry point to understand Italian complexity.

    Pedro Ballesteros Torres
    Master of Wine and wine writer
  • Italy is one of the most fascinating wine countries in the world, but many people, including top wine professionals, are still confused about the plethora of indigenous grapes that make Italian wine so special. Italian Wine Unplugged: Grape by Grape finally brings these grapes into the light in a way everyone can understand. It's a must read for anyone who loves the wines of Italy.

    Adam Teeter
    Co-Founder VinePair
  • According to Monty Waldin’s erudite foreword, Italy possesses 590 grape varieties planted across more than 500 different regions. Impossible to learn about all this? Not now this wonderful E-book, master-minded by Stevie Kim and Ian D’Agata, is available on your screens. The Romans called Italy ‘Enotria - The Land of Wine’ and here it all is.

    Steven Spurrier
    Wine expert and author at Decanter

Why you should buy this

It offers a concise yet comprehensive cultural and scientific introduction to Italian wine and its hundreds of native grapes
It analyzes over 430 Italian native grape varieties in accessible and easy-to-read entries
It provides an extensive visual apparatus that will enable readers to get a better grasp on Italian grape varieties: mind maps, photographs of grape bunches, maps of Italian wine appellations
It will help readers prepare for the intermediate-level course Italian Wine Maestro

What you will find inside the book


The book in numbers


Italian Native Grapes

Italian grape variety entries subdivided in Must-know, Lesser-known, and Rare


Essays, grape variety entries, photographs, mind maps, appellation maps and more!

Who Did The Job

General Editor a.k.a. Chief Wild Water Buffalo Stevie Kim Scientific Director a.k.a. Inspirational Guru Ian D’Agata Italian Wine Maestro Witty Content Geralyn Brostrom Lingzi He Michaela Morris Erudite Cultural and Other Grapey Content Michele Longo Outstanding mind maps JC Viens Enticing preface Monty Waldin

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